Author Interview with J E Mueller

This week we for our author interview, we will be chatting with J E Mueller, another amazing fantasy author. We get to delve into her writing career, the craft, and some great places she likes to hang out at.

So, tell us about your latest book.
An Unexpected Brew is a modern retelling of the classic Cinderella. I thought it would be fun to add more magic and instead of having little miss Cinderella slave away for her family, to have a job and a real life. Sort of like Ever After meets Rogers and Hammerstine.

Fairy tale retellings are always amazing, how would you describe your version of Cinderella?
A big part of it was Brandi’s version of Cinderella. The rest of the inspriation came from people I know in real life.

Fantasy Author J E Mueller

What inspired you to write in that genre9?
Reading Ella Enchanted when I was younger. There was something simply magical about the tale that never really left me.

Did you base any of the character’s in your novel after yourself?
Yes! Parts here and there. There’s one character in particular in the second book in my series who shares a lot of my qualities. Of course it’s more fun to have people guess than to say.

Besides your secret character, which character has been your favorite?
For which book? I can’t just pick one overall favorite. They’re all really special to me.

Which of your characters is your least favorite?
The Mad King. I hated him so much he didn’t get a proper name until after I sent the book to my editor. (King Romulus the third)

It seems like you tend to write a lot of different books, so what is your next project you’re working on?
I am working on two. The third book in my series (working title: Dreamer’s Melody) and a dragon shifter novel (untitled)

We all know authors like to be readers too. So tell us, what are you currently reading now?
You Left Me No Choice by Kelly Blanchard

Did you have a favorite book growing up?
Depends on my age. Young -Ella Enchanted. Teens -either the Harry Potter series or The Study series. Adult -Chronicles of Lorrek series.

So to finish up, let’s talk about your writing process. Where do you like to write? Do you have a secret alcove somewhere?
I prefer at my desk. I’m not as productive in coffee shops or writers groups.

How fast do you usually write a novel versus it’s actual release date?
It usually takes me about 1-3 months to write the novel, another month to self edit and then I give betas some time before sending it off for real edits. Overall it takes about 6 months to see a book through from start to publish.

What has been the hardest part about writing a book for you?
The imposter syndrome. With everybook I’ve reach a point of ‘someone can do this better’. Which isn’t true. Someone can certainlly do it differently, but no one can see my ideas through the same way as me.

This is always fun to ask because we know as authors we can’t always have the final say, but who would you want to direct a film based off of your books?
Patty Jenkins

I want to thank J E Mueller for being part of our weekly interviews. If you want to know more about him, go ahead and check out her Facebook page:

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