Fantastic Reads for July 25th

Fariidinus Book 6: Lights and Shadows

Shannon, a human girl recovering from the terrible car accident that took her mother’s life arrives in the Heartland where she is confronted with the impossible. She makes friends among the wyr and the nixla and enters into the most compelling relationship of her life when a heartbroken bloodcat chooses her for a complement.

Fariidinus Book 6: Lights and Shadows



Blue Mage
A thief turned mage. A secret that could destroy the entire country.
Elona was a thief living on the streets. With only a half-elf, Roland, by her side, Elona seeks to build her fortune in the world. When she is given the opportunity to infiltrate the arch mage’s home and learn some magic on the way, there are no reasons to refuse for Elona. However, magic comes at a price and Elona is about to learn that she is part of that payment.

Blue Mage: Free for a Limited Time

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