Author Interview: Aaron Lukenbach

This week we are interviewing Aaron Lukenbach, fantasy author of the Hunterborn Saga. We get to delve into where he gets inspiration from, some more information about his books, and a few fun questions like which Hogwarts house he’d like to join.

So Aaron, what inspired you to write the genre you’re in?

What inspired me to write the genre that I am in is because in life we all have our heroes. Some fail us, some surprise us by becoming more heroic. For example, one of my heroes growing up was Boromir in the Lord of the Rings. He was human. He loved his country so much that he believed that the Ring was what would save it. I understand that. The important distinction is that you should never ever feel like evil is a means to good.

Did you base any of the character’s in your pieces after yourself?

I did actually. In The Hunterborn Saga (my most recent piece that I have begun to write, Ulrich Gotthard is based off of how I like to view myself when it comes to religion and how I would approach the existence of the supernatural and cosmic beings that seek our destruction).

Tell us about your latest book.

So, while I am writing two major series, I will speak more of the one that has far more momentum right now. It is the Hunterborn Saga- The first novel, it’s a working title of course but it is called Hellscape. The world itself is set in a grimy, medieval- early renaissance time period where a race of cosmic beings- called the Eldrain- have invaded our world and have sought our annihilation. The progtanists in this world are an organization known as The Hunter Caste and their sole calling in life is to hunt down and slay every supernatural being as well as the Eldrain. Now, with that said, I have had questions from others if there are humans that seek a kind of equal rights for these creatures. My response is would you allow a wild, feral beast to tear you apart with ease at your choice? I believe most people would say no, they value their own homes and their own lives. This series is a work in progress but I love it so far.

That’s pretty awesome! Where do you currently pull inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from a lot of the greats in my opinion: Patrick Rothfuss, JRR Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, etc. I also pull inspiration from a game series known as Dark Souls. it is an action role playing game that is, if you’re willing to delve into it, some very interesting and thought provoking lore.

Are you aiming to be traditionally published or indie published?

Traditionally published. I have chosen this as my career. I love what I do and I know it’s not about the money, but I truly don’t mind that. I, like any business owner, would like to turn a bit of a profit with my books. However, ultimately, I want fans the most.

What’s the hardest part about writing a book for you?

The hardest part of writing, for me, at the moment is definitely time management. I work full time and I am also looking to get back into my education so making the time to write can be a bit hard.

Do you prefer to write in third person or first person?

I prefer third person. Certainly, first person is by far the easiest to write in and I prefer a challenge.

Besides writing, what do you like to do for fun?

Besides writing, I tend to play a lot of action role playing video games, as well as a lot of strategy games. I believe that they hone your mind and make you more intelligent.

Let’s say they turned your book into a move, if you could choose someone to direct it, who would you choose?

Ron Howard. He is a director that I feel delves into the lore of the books he makes movies and I’d feel comfortable if he made The Hunterborn Saga into movies.

An now the fun question, which Hogwarts House would you want to be in?

If I were a wizard, I would be a Slytherin.


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