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The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 2 The Seekers
As sleep sweeps them under, a new world awakens . . .
Dreams are more than just the quiet burbling of an imaginative, sleeping mind; for The Stardust, dreams are the conduit to an exciting and magical world. Pulled into The Land of Nod, the five teenagers continue their quest to find the mysterious object that Starkey sent them to retrieve.

Their journey, once again, leads them to new places filled with interesting beings—some who are quirky and perhaps a little mad, while others harbour potentially dangerous secrets—and their guide, the Scholar, leads them to find the answers to their own questions.

But their waking world is no less mysterious. There are questions to be answered about the healer, Madame Labbett, and they’re beginning to wonder if there is a darker side to the charismatic politician vying for power.

Join The Stardust in Part Two of The Seekers, as they travel from Virgo to Aquarius, unravelling mysteries, dodging danger, and seeking to uncover the hidden truths of the real world as well as the world of their dreams.

The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 2 The Seekers

The Carbynarah Chronicles: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Swords and Magic) Book 1
Enter a world of fantasy and magic …
The Carbynarah Chronicles – a new Amazon bestseller

From the pen of author Jon Franklyn, comes an epic tale of two opposing factions locked in a bitter conflict that has waged since the beginning of time.

The Carbynarah Chronicles takes the reader on an epic tale of magic, swords, and sorcery as the battle for the very soul of this magical realm unfolds. With a cast of unforgettable characters, perfectly paced adventures, and epic battles, The Carbynarah Chronicles delivers a world that leaves the reader desperate for more.

Prepare for an epic journey of fantasy, swords, and a battle for a world of unsurpassed magic.

The Carbynarah Chronicles is delighting readers with its epic tale of magic wielders and an ending that blows everyone away. Aimed at the entire family, The Carbynarah Chronicles is destined to become a classic, in science fiction and fantasy, that will capture the imagination of all generations.

The Carbynarah Chronicles: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Swords and Magic) Book 1

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