Review: King’s Dark Tidings: Free the Darkness

As of late, I have been trying to step away from social media addiction and reading more. Thankfully, I had a few ebooks prepurchased already so didn’t have to stress about it as much and the first one I chose was Kel Kade’s King’s Dark Tidings series. Please note, this review may contain spoilers, reader beware.

We start the book seeing an infant being handed over to a strange man and being told he would become a weapon. Not much thought as the reader goes into this, thinking it’s going to be raised as a person but also trained to fight and kill as he continues to grow older. That view is quickly shattered as soon as we see Rezkin, the main character, break and lead to a bone sticking out of his leg and being berated for failing and being told to fix himself up. Literal torture as you realize he is a small child and not even old enough to be dealing with such traumatic training.

Eventually, we are flashed forward as he continues to grow up in this training, and thinking nothing of how horrid his situation really is and thus graduated now as a trained killer and weapon that follows all the Rules and knows all the Skills that any skilled fighter should know to survive and then some.

He is shortly thereafter left alone, with the last rule given to him: to protect and honor his friends. However, he has no friends and everyone he knows has died leaving him in a mystery of what friends were and how to obtain them. Enter Frisha and Tam who are oblivious to Rezkin’s past and allow him to travel with them to the capital as they have dubbed him a friend. His confusion gathers as he meets others such as Luetenant Jimson and Reaylin who both try to claim friendship with him despite their oblivious knowledge of his being.

While all this is going on in the forefront, Rezkin decides that one way he can protect his friends is through gaining the loyalty of the underground of thieves. It doesn’t take much as most are untrained in true fighting and underfed. They dub him as the Raven and swear fealty and do his bidding, which includes focusing on cleaning up the use of a drug called Ink in the area. His power continues to spread in the underground through other guilds and organizations which allow him to expand without even being involved in touching the guild members.

At first read, you think that he is just a Mary Sue character that has no weakness and all the strengths. However, from the beginning, they show that that’s how he was trained and if you are living through only training for the first 19 years of your life and have no outside influence, people can build you to be however they want, including a professional and unstoppable assassin. Even still, the actual interactions with humans and their expectations do cause Rezkin to fall short providing him with problems of understanding and the others viewing it simply as his quirk. Being in the military, I could see how the brain warps and the body reacts to certain things that many view as being impossible and improbable, so Rezkin being trained for far longer than a few months can be seen as reasonable in terms of what he is capable of.

Rating for King’s Dark Tidings: Free the Darkness

I wanted to give this book a 5☆ rating because of its inclusion of humor within a dark setting and how intricately Kade includes multiple point of views in a streamlined approach to view the world through everyone’s eyes and what is happening outside of Rezkin’s own worldview.


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