Why Olenna Tyrell Might Still Be Alive

In episode 3 of Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” we see Olenna Tyrell after Highgarden is taken over. She knows what is to come as she is already in funeral garb and awaiting Jamie in her study. Despite drinking the supposed poison, we never actually see her die. Whenever a major character dies, almost always we see the character die whether it is the beheading of Ned Stark or the “headache” that The Viper deals with after his fight. So why would we avoid seeing how Olenna dies from a poison created by Qyburn?

Obviously our rose of Highgarden had something up her sleeve as she always does. When I think of Olenna, part of me is reminded of the short story from 1844 “Rappaccini’s Daughter” in which the daughter was injected with so many different poisons growing up that she is poisonous herself and thus immune to them. For a woman who was known to use poison before, who is to say she didn’t train herself to become immune to a multitude of poisons already?

Perhaps we will see Olenna reappear later in the season or into season 8. Or perhaps she will dissapear from the world and live the rest of her life away from all of the drama the seven kingdoms provides. Afterall, she is beyond her twilight years, so might as well retire in Naath with the dangerous butterflies much like her own roses, or Braavos where all of the riches lay in wait. All I know, is there has been no true sign that Olenna actually died until someone provides a body.

Here’s to you Lady Olenna, for truly speaking the mind of everyone watching the show about how much we hated some of the characters.

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